One of my favorite perks of booking a Walt Disney World vacation package is the ability to book FastPass+ 60 days before you check in. But what is a FastPass? And why is FastPass+ so important? Let me fill you in!

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What is FastPass+?

Included in your Disney World vacation package is Disney’s FastPass+. These work as reservations for popular Disney World rides, shows and other attractions. You can select an attraction and an hour long window. As long as you arrive at the ride entrance during that window, you’ll skip most of the line!

Not everything at Disney World is eligible for FastPass+, but most things are. Click here to view and/or print a planning check list that shows all FastPass+ eligible attractions at each Disney World park.

How does a FastPass+ work?

During that hour long window you selected, you show up to the attraction and find the FastPass+ entrance. Here, a Disney cast member will scan your MagicBand (read more about those here) and allow you to enter. The FastPass+ entrance bypasses most of the “stand-by” line. At some new and popular rides, like Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash, Peter Pan’s Flight and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you can potentially bypass hours of standing in line by using a FastPass+.

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When can I make my FastPass+ selections?

As long as you’re staying at a Disney World resort, you can select three Fast Passes per day 60 days before check in. Some other resorts allow you to book 3 Fast Passes per day 30 days before check in. Try to make these initial selections for the morning! Once you use these initial Fast Passes, you’ll be able to select more, one at a time, while you’re in the parks. FastPass+ selections become available at 7am 60 days before check in.

Can you make my FastPass+ selections for me?

Yes! Yes, I can. If you book a Disney World vacation package with me (get a quote here) I will happily wake up bright and early on that 60 day mark and make the selections you’ve chosen. I’ll also provide some planning help if you’d like, so you know which rides are important to have FastPass+ for and which you can easily wait in line for.

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